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Where do the children beginners' class take place?
We take the children to the most adapted places, at the
Where do classes meet?
The meeting point for our group and private lessons in 1800 is just in front of our sales office Evolution2 in Charvet area. In Arc 1600, the meeting place will be at the bottom of Cachette Lift.,
Where shall I collect the ski equipment booked online?
Depending on where your accommodation is situated, you will collect your equipment in the nearest shop. In Arc 1800, the Precision Ski shops are situated in Charvet, Villards, Chantel and Chartmettoger. Just let us know where you are staying when you make your booking.
Is the skipass included in the lesson fare?
No it's not. It must be purchased at the ski lift cashiers. (www.lesarcs.com). The pass is free for children under 6 on presentation of an ID (age condition determined by the Montagnes de l’Arc Society). Children under six must however carry their free pass in their pocket. As part of the ski lessons, a « Massif Les Arcs – Peisey .Vallandry » skipass will be required, (starting from level 1 for both adults and children).
Are the instructors state-certified?
Yes they are. In France, whatever school they are from, all ski instructors undergo the same training provided by the Chamonix National School of Ski and Alpinism. They all get the same diploma from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (State-certified diploma).
Is it mandatory for children to wear a helmet?
Although it is not mandatory, adults, teenagers and children are strongly advised to wear one.
As a beginner, should I use skiing poles?
Not necessarily. They are only required for level 1 children and beginning adults.
We are staying at Arc 1600 , how do we check in for lessons?
Group lessons start from Arc 1800, so you can either ski to Arc 1800, or take the free shuttle bus from the bus stop in Arc 1600, which takes 10min to join Arc 1800, then walk 4min to our office Evolution 2 in Charvet .
Can lessons be cancelled in case of bad weather?
No. You're in the mountains! Make sure to have the right equipment : warm gloves, ski mask, etc. Only the instructor (or the technical management) can decide to cancel the lesson because of bad weather conditions.
At what age can my child start skiing?
We welcome children ages 5 and up. The children beginners groups are limited to 6 people.
My child is over 7 years old but has never skied before, which level should I enroll him ?
Your child will start the week with the younger ones of 5-7 years old. Then, depending on his improvement and if the instructor estimates his has the level, he will go with the older ones in the upper level.
Is the lesson fare refundable in case of an accident during our stay?
No it's not. We recommend subscribing to a specific insurance like the « Carte Sports », which you can buy directly online as Assurski or by phone.
Which language is spoken during lessons?
French is generally used during group sessions. But English is also used for the group lessons (You can choose the language for private lessons).
How can I recognize my instructor?
All our instructors wear a orange and green outfit bearing the Evolution 2 logo on the back.
How many students are there in a private lesson?
It can go up to 4 persons. Prices vary depending on that number. You can add up to 2 people with extra.
How many students are there in a group lesson?
Group lessons for 5-7 years old are limited to 6 students, and 8 people for the 7-14 years old and the adults, in order to maintain a high quality teaching level..
Can a group lesson be booked for 3 or 4 days only?
Our booking system only offers six-day sessions, but come by our office and we'll try our best to meet your needs depending on availability.
Group lessons start on sundays, what if I arrive later than that?
We recommend coming by the ski school's office to join the group better suited to your level and check for availability.
What to do if I'm not sure about the ski level of a participant or if I realize I chose the wrong group?
You needn't worry, we make sure to harmonise the group levels from day one. Should you or your child not meet the group requirements, we will make the necessary adjustments.
Can I pay for my ski lessons until after I get to the resort?
No. In order for your booking to be completed, it must be payed for in full on the spot.
Can I request an instructor?
Yes, you can request your favorite instructor (for private lessons only). Do it upon booking, via email at contact@evolution2-lesarcs.com or telephone : We will come up with a schedule depending on availability.
Should we provide our children with snacks?
If they are in a group, you can give them a snack. Instructors generally take breaks during classes.
Should I inform the instructor if my child is sick or has an allergy?
Yes. It is preferable for the instructor to be informed so as to take the best course of action in case of an emergency.
I must cancel my stay for whatever reason and I have already booked my lessons, can I get a refund?
As stated in the General Conditions of Sale, a 30 euro processing fee will be withheld if the cancellation happens more than a week before the lessons were supposed to start. There will be no refunds for cancellations made beyond that point.